For those of you who do not know Bill Tabbert, he has been working in Chemical & oil Refineries since 1990 and is quite the character. Bill put himself through school while working various crafts in the field over a several years. Having worked as a Craftsman Bill easily connects with the "working Person" in the field. Bill has been in Management since 1996 and has headed up the Planning and Scheduling at the third largest oil refinery in the world for over six years. He has been instrumental in creating new scheduling software's, techniques and provides consultation to several world wide drillers / refiners. Bill has presented at several events including ASUG/Sapphire, and SAP EAM.

Receiving encouragement from a number of directions Bill has been working on a book. The book is targeting Planning and Scheduling in a Production / Refining environment. Exciting stuff huh! This paperback takes a solid look at the compelling reasons to be more proactive regarding maintenance on equipment. To keep the reader interested in such an "exciting" topic Bill has added his own unique sense of humor to the pages! The hope is to connect with as many people as possible and help them realize the benefits of being less reactive in facilities. The book is targeted to be available August of 2008!

August 2008    The Poor Mans Guide to Planning. 

November 2008    Scheduling & Updating Using SAP.


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